Quotes about Joep Franssens

The tone is very much that of the best Magnificats – an elevated, serene affirmation of life, with moments of both intimacy and majesty. Franssens’ setting is an unfurling of a widening and deepening sense of wonder and awe that proceeds with unhurried ecstasy to a climax of breathtaking, elemental joy

The ‘ New Spirituality ‘ of Joep Franssens will undoubtedly for some be synonymous with decadence: it is probable, however, that Franssens, Tavener, but also Gorecki or Kilar, who are all creators of a music with a long and salutary breath, will more and more feed the inspiration of new composers

‘Harmony of the Spheres’ significantly placed at the end, testified to the ultimate way of vocal music making

It would not be in the least surprising if Franssens’ Harmony of the Spheres would make it into international repetoire.

The composer’s main concern is spirituality and it was this spirituality which succesfully impressed itself upon the audience.

Altogether, Franssens’ work makes the strongest impression.

Exclusively touching, constructed of quite simple elements and yet highly emotionally charged.

You need only listen to his music to become fully convinced of his truth.

Joep Franssens seeks the human scale.

Obviously, Franssens not only has an acute ear, but a carpenter’s eye as well.

His music is simple in terms of structure, but overwhelming in feeling.

Joep Franssens’ music [has] a direct appeal which is lacking in much new music.

One cannot stop playing this disc, because it is impossible to disentangle oneself from the magic of these magnificent scores.

Joep Franssens’ music is very distinctive and very much his own. He is not interested in traditional concepts of form,
yet the warmth of his sound world appeals to many  listeners. Franssens is a musical omnivore.

Joep Franssens shows us a glimpse of heaven

Joep Franssens’ music simply constitutes a completely personal sound within the Dutch music scene.

Creating a sphere, a soundscape, in which the audience could, albeit temporarily, ‘live’

Franssens music will more and more coincide with the requirements and desires of the Zeitgeist