Joep Franssens


Photo: Deen van Meer


Upcoming projects: 


Piano Concerto, at request of pianist Ralph van Raat, is in progress. Orchestra, conductor and date of first performance to be announced.


Symmetry, a 20-minutes dance & opera  film by Ruben van Leer (in preparation).


Harmony of the Spheres ( complete cycle): The Croation Radio-Television Choir (HRT) together with the Varaždin Chamber Orchestra conducted by Tonči Bilić give the first performance in Croatia of the entire work. Varaždin Cathedral, December 7 and

Zagreb Cathedral, December 9.


Phasing is part of Endless, by Dutch choreographer Nanine Linning Theater Heidelberg, Heidelberg (DE).


The Gift of Song and Between the Beats are performed by Ralph van Raat, during World Minimal Music Festival, at the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ,   April 11th  2015. 

Symposium about my work at Tilburg University, autumn 2015.

You can listen to my playlist on here : spiritual



Soundpavillion by Studio Dré Wapenaar at DordtYart 
On the internet:

Old Songs, new Songs, and Song of Release at Oerol 2012




Sarah Oates plays Blue Encounter

Hundredth performance Harmony of the Spheres coming up
25th of October  2012 is a special date for Harmony of the Spheres. It will be the date of the work its hundredth celebration. This will take place during the Brazilian tour of Sinfonia Rotterdam ( performance of the version for stringorchestra) conducted by Conrad van Alphen in the cathedral of Bragança Paulista: 

List of all performances of Harmony of the Spheres

New recording Harmony of the Spheres by Vu-Kamerkoor, Ensemble Waterloo conducted by Boudewijn Jansen



Grace (concert registration)
'Grace'  for orchestra by NPS TV, broadcasting of the worldpremiere from the Concertgebouw Amsterdam


Grace deel I
Grace deel II


The making of Grace (documentary)
NPS Podium: Joep Franssens - Grace (docu)



 Harmony of the Spheres mvt 3 ( version saxophone quartet and organ)



Intimation of Spring (part 1)

Watch it on YouTube
 Intimation of Spring (part 2)
Watch it on YouTube
Intimation of Spring (part 3)
Watch it on YouTube
Song of Release
Watch it on YouTube





Watch excerpts from a documentary on new spiritual music
Excerpts from: The third ear, a Viewpoint Productions documentary,
directed by Mart Dominicus and Michel Schöpping.








Background photo by Saskia Vleugel