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Photo: Deen van Meer

- Entrata, version for 4 pianos will be premiered by Rondane Kwartet, on April 3  2018 at De Duif, Amsterdam   


- Harmony of the Spheres ( movement 4), Amstel Saxofoon Kwartet, on April 3 at De Duif, Amsterdam


- 'Josquin des Prez meets Joep Franssens', Trajecti Voces sings several parts from Harmony of the Spheres, Pieterskerk Utrecht,  April 6,  and Broederenkerk Deventer April 14


 -Harmony of the Spheres (complete cycle) by Parnassus Ensemble and Consensus Vocalis conducted by Klaas Stok, several concerts autumn 2018 and spring 2019


- Harmony of the Spheres 500.000 hits on Youtube  



- UK premiere of my two pianos piece The Gift of Song


 - First performance in the UK of The Gift of Song by Anita D'Attellis at Queen Anne's School Caversham on 3 October 2017



- Four works for one or more pianos performed at Dordtyart september 2017:

Entrata (Rondane Kwartet) 

The Gift of Song ( Ralph van Raat)

Winter Chiid ( Ralph van Raat)

Old Songs, new Songs (Peter van Russen Groen en Dré Wapenaar)




‘INERMI’ (2017) is the latest volume of a trilogy written by Gianfranco Longo. INERMI (defenseless) which is written as narrative poetry, is a contemplation about the refugees in Europe, especially in Italy. The second volume is called ‘EMPIREO' which is about the creation of the world according to the Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Vedic tradition. The first volume is called ‘POETICA' and is a love poem.
Longo was inspired by many composers. I feel very honored that my work was also source of inspiration amongst others, in his books INERMI and EMPIREO.

foto van Joep Franssens.
foto van Joep Franssens.




You can listen to my playlist on here : spiritual


10 international awards and honorable mentions for the Symmetry film:





Club Cross-linx - Ralph van Raat plays Debussy and Radiohead ...





  Joep Franssens' Harmony of the Spheres, dissertation by David Hobson


Joep Franssens on Youtube



Review Piano Works Luister, april 2016



Review Piano Works in Parool by Erik Voermans



Short docu premiere Piano Concerto with Ralph van Raat 



Uitzending radio 1 Kunststof, 25 november



Parool 12 november over Piano Concerto



 Interview Piano Concerto


Gouden Viooltje voor componist Joep Franssens


interview magazine Noord Nederlands Orkest



































Harmony of the Spheres in de hartenziellijst 2014



Symmetry a 30-minutes dance & opera  film by Ruben van Leer, EYE Amsterdam (premiere), March 14  2015


Symmetry unravelled, documentary by Juliette Stevens about the making of, EYE Amsterdam (premiere) March 14  2015




Phasing is part of Endless, by Dutch choreographer Nanine Linning Theater Heidelberg, Heidelberg (DE).


You can listen to my playlist on here : spiritual






Background photo by Saskia Vleugel