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Photo: Saskia Vleugel

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Between the Beats (1979)
for 2 pianos
duration: 21'


Turn (1980)
for 2 oboes and 'cello
duration: 8'


Solo for Flute (1980)
duration: 11'


Ellipsis (1983)
for harpsichord (1983)
written for Annelie de Man
duration: 13'


Echo's (1983) 
4300 0300 vibr mar str(
duration: 25'


Consort Music (1984)
for 2 flutes, oboe (English horn), bass clarinet, French horn, bassoon, violin, viola, 'cello, double bass and piano
duration: 19'
commissioned by the Rotterdam Art Foundation, written for the Septimer Ensemble


Phasing (1985)
for women's choir and orchestra
text (Portugese) by Fernando Pessoa
VK4 3232 2221 str(
FCM, written for the ASKO Choir and Orchestra
duration: 27'


Low Budget Music (1986)
for flute, oboe (English horn), clarinet (bass clarinet), French horn, bassoon, piano, violin, viola, 'cello and double bass
duration: 27'
FCM, written for the Delta Ensemble, dedicated to Klaas de Vries


Old Songs, New Songs (1988)
for 2 pianos
duration: 23'
FCM, written for Margaret Krill and Nicolette Heerema


Dwaallicht (1989)
for 2 sopranos and ensemble
text (Latin) by Spinoza
for 2 sopranos, flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon, trumpet, synthesizer,violin, viola, 'cello and double bass
FCM, written for the Groep 20, Gerrie de Vries and Reina Boelens
duration: 23'


Floating (1989)
for 2 vibraphones and 3 marimbas
duration: 16'
FCM, written for Ensemble Jacques Delecluse


Taking the Waters (1990) 
4330 0300 timp 2glock 4synth
str( sopr
FCM, written for the Nederlands Studenten Orkest
duration: 16'


The straight Line (1991) 
for saxophone quartet
duration: 12'
FCM, written for the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet


Primary Colours  (1992)
for saxophone orchestra
duration: 17'
FCM, written for the World Saxophone Orchestra

The Gift of Song (1994)
for 2 pianos
duration: 41'


New Departure (1995)
for 'cello and piano
written for Kees Wieringa and René Berman
duration: 32'


After the Queen's Speech (1995)
for brass ensemble

commissioned by the Eerste Kamer der Staten Generaal on the occasion of Prinsjesdag 1995
duration: 8'


Sanctus (1996)
3343 4200 timp pf str
FCM, written for the Residentie Orkest
duration: 21'


Winter Child (1996)
for piano
written for Kees Wieringa, dedicated to Wim Meiners
duration: 11'


Sarum Chant (1997) 
for vocal quartet and gamelan
duration: 25'
FCM, written for Ensemble Gending


Roaring Rotterdam (1997)
3333 4331 timp perc str(
FCM and AVRO, written for the Ne-therlands
Radio Philharmonic Orchestra dedicated to Kees Vlaardingerbroek
duration: 16'


Entrata (1997) 
for 'cello and 2 pianos
commissioned by the Rotary Club Ede Hoekelum
duration: 7'


Magnificat (1999)
for soprano, choir and orchestra
text (Portugese): by Fernando Pessoa
sopr GK4 3343 4331 timp 3perc pf
commissioned by SNS Reaal Fonds, with financial support of Gaudeamus, NCRV and AVRO written for the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and Groot Omroepkoor
dedicated to Carola Burgerhout
duration: 25' 30"


Harmony of the Spheres (1994-2001)
cyclus in 5 movements
version for mixed choir and string orchestra 
Movements 2,4, written for choir a cappella
Movement 1,3 and 5 written for mixed choir and strings
parts can also be performed seperately
text (Latin) by Spinoza
Dedicated to Tõnu Kaljuste and The Netherlands Chamber Choir
I:  10'  (in 8 parts)
II: ,7'30 ( in 4 parts)
III: , 26'15 ( in 8 parts)
IV: , 6' (in 4 parts)
V:  14'30 (in 8 parts)
total duration:  66'
commissioned by  the Eduard van Beinum Foundation and Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, with a contribution of Ton Boersma and The Fund for the Creation of Music. 

Intimation of Spring (2001-2004)
for piano solo
written for and dedicated to Ralph van Raat
duration: 26'


Tales of  Wonder (2003)
for children
seven pieces for piano ( 2-4 hands)
commissioned by Madeleine Maaskant and Reint Jan Schuring
duration: 12'

Bridge of Dawn, movement 1 ( 2004-2006)

for orchestra
on the occasion of the 40th jubilee 2006 of Concert- en congresgebouw de Doelen
commissioned by Concert-en congresgebouw de Doelen
duration: 31'

Harmony of the Spheres, movement 5 (2005)
Version for flute orchestra
duration: 14'30"


Song of Release (2005)
for piano solo      
duration: 5 ' 10"
dedicated to Willy Rens

Blue Encounter (2006)
for viola
duration: 16' 
dedicated toTon Boersma

Grace ( 2008)
for orchestra
commissioned by NPS radio
duration 16"30"

Bridge of Dawn, movement 2 (2011)

for  soprano, mixed choir and orchestra
commissioned by the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra
duration 41'

Symmetry (2014)

dance and opera film by Ruben van Leer

Piano Concerto ( 2015)

with financial support by Noord Nederlands Orkest and Fonds Podiumkunsten ( Performing Arts Fund NL)

dedicated to Ralph van Raat

duration 31'


Taking the Waters (2016)

version for 4 pianos  ( originally written for orchestra) 

duration 16'


Piano Concerto (2016)

version for chamber orchestra

duration 31'


 Entrata ( 2016)

version for 4 pianos ( originally written for 3 pianos)

duration 16'


 New work for mixed choir a cappella ( in preparation)

Background photo by Saskia Vleugel